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What time does my trash/ recycling need to be at the curb?

Trash and recyclables need to be at the curb by 8:00 am on your scheduled collection day.

Does trash inside my roll out cart have to be bagged?

We recommend bagging your trash so that it can be cleanly dumped by our drivers/ trucks. Our drivers will not reach down into the cart or can to remove stuck/ frozen trash.

Can I dispose of paint in my trash?

DO NOT put liquid paint in your trash container. Paint may be placed out with your regular trash if it is solidified.

Where should I place my roll out bin or can and recycling?

Place cart on a level area with no more than 4 ft. from the street with wheels away from street and lid opening to the street. Keep 4 ft. away from all obstructions such as mailbox, vehicle, trees, etc.

Roll Out Containers: Use trash bags and keep lid closed. Drivers will not reach into carts to remove items frozen to bottom of cart.

If I decide I don't require service any longer, what is the process?

You are required to contact the office and give 60 days notification for termination of services.