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Residential Pickup

Curbside Pickup

Meridian Waste Disposal is proud to offer weekly and bi-weekly curbside garbage collection with bi-weekly recycling pickup in designated areas. Please contact our customer representatives to verify that recycling is offered in your area.

Benefits of MWD Garbage Collection



Local Family owned and Operated

 We support local businesses and community events. By utilizing our services, your money is staying in your community unlike many national haulers.

Multiple Waste Services

 Curbside pickup, Recycling, 2 yard to 8 yard bins, and Dumpsters




Automated Collection

Automated collection involves the customer placing their garbage curbside in a specific roll out container, then the container is emptied into the collection truck by a robotic collection arm.

Positioning the container in the proper direction and the correct position is critical to successful collection. The container should be placed:

  • At the curb with a maximum distance of 3 ft away from the street
  • With at least 4 ft clearance in all directions from any other containers and structures such as mailboxes, and lamp posts so that the automated arms can grab the container.
  • A minimum of 10 ft from any vehicles
  • With the short metal bar toward the street and the side with the wheels facing away from the street
  • On a relatively level surface with lid closed
  • Please make sure that the container is not placed in an area where overhanging power lines or trees will obstruct the pickup.


Benefits of the Automated Collection:

Enhanced Service- Customer satisfaction rates are higher with the automated collection system. Senior's appreciate the convenience of the container program.

Cleaner Communities- The containers have closed lids that are designed not to tip over and efficiently empty into the trucks. The result is less chance of garbage being dropped on the streets of our community.

Improved Safety- No longer require 1-3 workers to lift garbage into collection vehicle, reducing the repetitive and physically demanding work that can result in injuries. The automation also minimizes the risk of the workers exposure to traffic.


 EXTRA CONTAINERS: Larger households may require more than 1 roll container to handle weekly waste. Additional containers are available upon request. Please contact our Customer Representatives for assistance.

 VOLUME PICKUPS: If you're moving out or just cleaning up and have large quantities of excess waste, we can help. Please contact our Customer Representatives to make special arrangements and scheduling. (Pre payment is mandatory) 

BULK ITEMS AND APPLIANCES: If you have large items or items that can not be disposed of with your regular household garbage such as appliances, windows, furnaces, hot water tanks etc, please contact our Customer Representatives 2 days in advance to arrange a "special items" pickup. (Additional charges will apply)